Why Artificial Grass is a Good Choice if you Have Pets

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As we know the UK is a nation of dog and cat lovers. The good news for them is that artificial grass is very pet friendly.

Maybe this is why artificial grass is becoming such a popular landscape gardening service.
Basically artificial grass is less toxic and is pest free.

Natural grass has many drawbacks, the main one is that dogs naturally dig holes in turf. Of course dogs love grass but unfortunately they can make it look a mess if left to their own on it.

Artificial Grass is Easier to Maintain

When compared to grass turf artificial grass is much easier to maintain. Artificial grass does not need cutting and maintaining like grass turf needs. Fortunately it stays looking good all year around.

Does Not Get Muddy

Artificial grass stays clean under various weather conditions. If you have a pet dog it is better because for you and them because they will not get muddy when playing on fake grass and bringing in their mess into the house.

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Artificial Grass is a Nicer Surface for Pets

You may think that grass is ideal for pets to run around on. However there are limitations with grass when comparing it to artificial grass.

As artificial grass installers many of our customers say how much their pets appreciate the padding that artificial grass gives to their pets. It does have a naturally spongey feel to it that dogs and cats do like. It is also smooth and level giving a better surface to be on.

Also when installing artificial grass we make sure there is a drainage system in place so there are no puddles. This makes the area more available to be used by not being so affected by poor weather.
Whereas with turf grass when the winter and the rain comes it will be too wet and muddy to be used at all.

Because there is less maintenance required with artificial grass you can spend more time with your pets.

Artificial grass does not require regular cutting and stays looking great all year round. This is a major benefit of it and one of the main reasons why people choose artificial grass for their back gardens rather than natural grass. If you have a dog that plays on it even their pet hairs can be removed easily from it. Because of its surface you can brush hairs off it or even use a small vacuum.

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Typical Problems with Natural Grass Turf

There are many problems that comes with having natural grass in your garden. This has lead to the artificial grass market growing rapidly over the last 10 years in the UK.

Dry Grass
Dry grass not only looks poor, but it generally means your turf is under stress. It seems obvious that dry grass can be prevented by watering.
However, always remember the key to watering is to give dry grass a deep soaking to allow the water to reach and strengthen the root system, which will then lead to greener, healthier grass.

Weeds can spoil any lawn. It’s especially depressing after spending hours nurturing it and suddenly weeds appear. You may have been regularly mowing it to keep them down but it can be hard work.
Weed killer is the obvious choice but is no means a guaranteed method of getting rid of them.

Fungal diseases that cause big brown patches are commonly found in certain climates like when there has been too much water on it. When this happens the best way to repair this is to completely remove and put in a new turf patch to cover it. Again this is very time consuming and it is something you do not get with artificial grass.

Yellow Patches
Yellow patches in lawns are often caused by pet droppings or urine. Again this is not a problem with artificial fake grass. The only way to stay on top of this would be to keep watering the patches every time your pet urinates on it.

So in conclusion there are some many reasons why artificial grass is better than natural grass and especially if you have pets that use it.

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