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Garden paving & Patio layers

Because we are leading paving contractors we have a great track record in installing some great garden paving & patio projects. You may have some ideas about what you want your patio to look like or if not thats absolutely no problem, we are very happy to design your patio making sure it blends with your home and garden.

Choosing the right garden paving is important for this. There are many types of paving to choose from the very popular sandstone paving to clay bricks and many additional edging bricks and blocks to enhance the design.

Many people want a patio that is easy to maintain so we can advise the options of the right paving that will accomplish this.

However here are many different reasons why people will want a patio in their garden.

Reasons why people may want a patio

Generally a patio will help to transform your garden into a more beautiful and more usable outdoor space. Its is also reported that it can also add value to your property. We are number 1 for Patios Coventry, don't take our word for it but check out our reviews. You will see the marvelous reviews and comments we have. So if you are thinking of having a patio call us at JD Landscapes Coventry.

A patio creates a great barbecuing and entertaining space.

A patio can create an indoor outdoor living space. With the availability of garden awnings and other accessories it enables the garden to be enjoyed all year round.

A patio can improve the overall look of a garden creating a lovely view from the house.

Here are some great examples of our Patio projects.

Patio installation
Natural Stone Patio in Grey with Artificial Grass and Sleeper Borders
Patio Terracotta Concrete Slabs
Patio Natural Stone Slabs in Raj Green

Patio Paving styles

Natural stone paving
Classic & Traditional Paving

There are many styles of paving available that looks great in gardens. With our vast experience in patios and paving we at JD Landscapes Coventry can advise you of the options that we think fit best with your home and garden but we also understand it can be down to your own personal preference.

Classic and Traditional paving design/patterns tends to be made from materials like natural stone which will look good for patios and in most gardens and landscapes. It is very popular because it is the type of paving that lasts long and does not need a lot of maintenance.

There are various types of classic and traditional paving design that help build patios and create looking gardens :

If you want a formal style garden a geometric design works well because it appears in a set way all the way through.

If you want a rustic style the design/pattern is not so so rigid in its look and feel.

People may think traditional paving is a bit boring and you have to use the same materials and methods. But in fact this is the opposite because you can still combine different materials like paving slabs and cobblestones, so a complex design can still be created to meet your requirements.

The paving material chosen to use will always have a huge effect on the finished appearance. But of course budget can often play a big part in the final decision which has led to sandstone paving being a popular choice because it is very good value for money.

Paving with shapes and curves
Shapes & curves paving

If you want to create an area that stands out, looks good gives the wow factor then its very important to plan your paving or patio.

We at JD Landscapes Coventry, always work with our clients to make sure you get the most cost effective garden paving or patio.

At the starting point of your Garden paving or patio one of the things we will discuss is whether to create a geometric design or incorporate shapes and circles.

Using shapes and circles do give a great affect to any garden paving or patio but does require extra work to install so this will add to the cost.

A decision may also depend on the area you are paving or have to use for a patio. If your project is for just a small section of the garden, for example, it may well benefit from a relatively simple design.

But you might have a large area that allows for more creativity. So this may allow for curves and shaped paving to make your paving or patio installation stand out.

Paving pathway in garden
Pathways paving

Just like with Garden paving or patios, there are lots of options in creating a pathway. We at JD Landscapes Coventry will help advise what pathway paving will work with your home or garden.

From the material type to the overall design there are so many options.

Pathway Paving Options

Different size paving: Rather than using a standard slab using a non standard size and shape can create interesting designs that really give the wow factor. Mixing up the sizes from long and thin, wider and short and maybe a square size will give a really interesting design and style.

Shape of the pathway: If the area you have allows for curving your pathway that can make it look more interesting rather than a straight line pathway.

Materials: You can mix up more than 1 type of material for your pathway and add this to different sized paving and shape then you will get a unique looking pathway.

To get a great looking and unique pathway then it is important to get it designed correctly from the start.

Paving and Patio material examples

Concrete cast pavers in Terracotta

We used concrete cast paving in terracotta for the patio.

We used kerb edgings in brindle.

We used cobbles size and mixed pavers in oak colour for the pathway.

Terracotta concrete cast pavingTerracotta concrete cast paving

Porcelain Paving 600mm x 600mm in lake grey colour

We constructed an upper and lower tier garden retained with genuine oak timber sleepers.

We used high quality artificial grass with 30mm pile with cobble silver granite borders.

The paving is porcelain 600mm x 600mm in lake grey.

Terracotta concrete cast paving
Terracotta concrete cast paving

Natural sandstone paving in Raj Green

We replaced the old sleepers with new.

We removed the old patio and laid mixed sized natural stone paving in Raj green.

Terracotta concrete cast paving
Terracotta concrete cast paving

Natural sandstone in Grey

We used timber sleepers for the retaining wall with steps.

The paving is multi sized natural stone in grey.

Terracotta concrete cast paving
Terracotta concrete cast paving

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