Building the perfect patio

On the initial consultation, we often discuss whether they have an idea of what they are looking for.

Some people like to browse images on the Internet to see a garden that offers the type of look that they desire for their own garden. Often, they might be following someone's work on other mediums such as Facebook. They may be attracted to the workmanship and professionalism portrayed in their photos and reviews. Our website has a gallery section which shows many previous landscaping projects that offer a variety in styles of garden.

Have they done any research into the type of look they desire?

Some people like a modern contemporary design patio for a garden with minimum maintenance. Other people like a patio that has more of a traditional natural finish.

Are there any specific needs to look out for when considering the type of potential patio?

For example, if the customer keeps dogs. There are factors to consider such as maintenance. Paving with high amounts of joins, such as block paving may not be the most suitable when trying to clean after a dog has done their business. In this situation, we would suggest using bigger slabs which would reduce the surface area of joins, therefore making it easier to clean.

However, there are times when using smaller paving bricks can be useful. For example, if the patio or drive slopes, the smaller pavers can help to overcome the different gradients much easier and the finishing look can be more aesthetically pleasing than using bigger slabs with lots of cuts.

Also when choosing, type of slabs, other factors such as weathering and maintenance should be considered.

For example, sandstone is a natural porous rock. This means that over time this type of slab will weather as a result of the natural surrounding environment. However, this can take a long time and this can be an attractive feature for those desiring a patio with character which becomes weathered in style with a natural looking garden.

Alternatively, there are other materials to consider such as porcelain. These are often more suited to contemporary patio design. Porcelain tile offers a very low maintenance patio. The joins are minimal and sealed with external weather tile grout. The slabs themselves are very hard wearing and can be cleaned easily and brought back to their original state.

Coloured concrete slabs are also a great product to form your new patio. We use premium brands that have stood the test of time. This type of slab is very hard wearing, cleans easily, and can be butted up to the next slab without the need for cement or resin jointing in between. This makes it ideal for maintenance, especially after dogs. The slabs can also be laid in what is commonly known a brick bond. This adds to the aesthetics in this style of patio.

Another factor to consider is drainage. We survey the property in order to ascertain whether there may be any potential drainage issues. We then advise on the best solutions to overcome any potential issues. All patios are built in accordance with building regulations and manufacturers guide lines. All patios are warranted and completed to customer satisfaction.

Preparation is the key to building a patio that will last and stand the test of time.

First of all, we must excavate the ground to the required depth so that we can install a hardcore stone base. This stone base forms a firm foundation in preparation to building a long lasting patio. We then lay the slabs on cement composite mix. We use 'quarry stone dust' known as 'granno', which is mixed with cement to form the base which the slab is laid. All slabs are laid on full beds of cement composite mix, (not the spot dab method which is 'not fit for purpose').

Priming slabs before being laid is done so if required by manufacturers laying guidelines.

Ultimately, theres, no need to be overwhelmed with the details of your potential patio, because at JD Landscapes Coventry, we pride ourselves in making your patio dream patio come true as effortlessly as possible.

Patio installation
Natural Stone Patio in Grey with Artificial Grass and Sleeper Borders
Patio Terracotta Concrete Slabs
Patio Natural Stone Slabs in Raj Green

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