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JD Landscapes Coventry are your local experts for Block Paving Coventry and are able to create for you a block paving driveway, a block paving patio or a garden path that will enhance the look of your property to the front or rear of it.

We design and build our block paving driveway, block paving patio or block paving pathway to match your own requirements.

We are very happy to discuss your requirements and to go through options like the actual design of your block paving project and we can show the colour options available in the block paving you choose. Like most things block paving comes in different size and qualities that can all affect the end price so we will also explain these options.

Call us today to schedule your no obligation estimate for your new block paving project, we give great prices for customers in Coventry & Warwickshire.

Expert installers of Block Paving
We at JD Landscapes are your local expert installers of block paving for Coventry and Warwickshire.

Block paving is a very versatile type of paving. It can add a great finish to any frontage of a house. For use all around your property block paving can be used for driveways, hardstanding and even patio areas.

As well as being versatile Block paving has another major benefit.This benefit is that it is easy to repair. It is easy to repair because it is made up of individual blocks and these blocks just need to be lifted and then replaced back to repair a damaged one.

If you are looking for an affordable block paving contractor then please get in touch with us at JD Landscapes Coventry. We have an exhaustive amount of experience and fantastic reviews about our block paving work so you can also be assured you have chosen the right block paving company in Coventry for you.

Here are some great examples of our Block Paving projects.

Block Paving Driveway
Block Paving Patio
Block Paving Driveway example inCoventry and Warwickshire
Block Paving  and kerb edging sample in Coventry and Warwickshire

Block Paving Patterns Available

There are many makes, sizes, colours and patterns available for block paving. To make it easier for our clients, here are the popular block paving patterns available.

We can explain how each pattern we will work with a particular type of block paving.

The final block paving pattern chosen can make a distinctive difference of how a block paved drive, a block paved patio or pathway looks.

Block paving patterns is more than just laying brindle stones in traditional straight lines. Patterns from herringbone to random stretcher can suddenly transform an area of block paving from dull to eye catching.

Having the eye for this detail and of course the skills to lay the blocks to create these patterns, is something JD Landscapes Coventry have been doing for years.

Stretcher bond & stack patterns

The stretcher bond pattern is created by laying a row of bricks, with the longest side sitting length ways. Then this is followed by a second row of bricks laid almost identically, but offset by the measurement of half a brick.

The stretcher bond can either be laid as a single size or as a 'random stretcher bond' using different sizes.

Stretcher Bond Paving Pattern Image

Herringbone block paving pattern

The attractive interlocking design of herringbone block paving pattern guarantees your blocked paved patio, pathway or driveway will always attract compliments. The inter connecting chevron like pattern will always look good and for longevity it is good as well because the chevron pattern helps interlock each paving block together making it harder for the blocks to move.

There are 2 types of herringbone block paving styles, one is the 90 degree angle and the other is the 45 degree angle.

The 90 degree angle herringbone pattern is usually the easiest to build from a right-angle corner, preferably against an edging course.

90 Degree Herringbone Paving Pattern Image
The 45 degree herringbone pattern establishes its base line at 45 degrees. Laying down this design requires more patience and a lot of precise measuring than the 90 degree pattern, but the results give a more stunning finished design in our opinion.
45 Degree Herringbone Paving Pattern Image

Other block paving patterns

Another block paving pattern that is popular is the basketweave block paving. It is a simple criss-cross like a woven basket type pattern. The basketweave pattern is created by alternating pairs of vertical and horizontal blocks. Although simple, it is not advised to be used in a big area like a driveway because there is a chance that the block paving using this pattern may move under weight, so it is normally used for patios and pathways only.
Basketweave Block Paving Pattern Image
We work to our high block paving standards
Please ask about the standards we work to for preparation and installing our block paving.

Steps to be considered in our block paving work projects:
  • Removing of the current driveway or area and how it will be extended if required
  • Depth of excavation
  • The amount of crushed stone as hardcore and how it will be compacted
  • Look at drainage through sloping of the driveway or the need to install drainage
  • Membrane sheeting
  • Concreting at the edges to hold blocks in place
  • Sanding the area
  • Block pattern agreed
  • Borders to be installed

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