What is Landscape Gardening and What is Done?

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Landscape gardening is always thought of as something that only occurs in huge manor homes and parks, however, it’s perfect for your own home’s garden.

It’s a beautiful expression of the natural landscape in a domestic setting that people can enjoy publicly or privately. It can incorporate trees, a body of water, statues, fountains, and carefully thought-out foliage to create a dramatic look that merges art, science, and nature, and more, all in one place.

How Landscape Gardening has Developed

Landscape gardening goes right back to the 18th century in the UK when Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown was the landscape architect of the day, designing gardens for the stately homes of the UK.
His work still can be seen around many stately home gardens like Chatsworth house, click here.

Back then, a professionally landscaped garden was a sign of opulence and gave landowners a sense of competition.

Landscape Gardening in the Present Day

These days, landscape gardening is not just for stately homes but in fact for any home or development. Everyone enjoys a nice outdoor space maybe to entertain with or just relax in.

We specialise in landscape gardening for homes that normally involves the rear garden but not always.
Landscape gardening has evolved so much helped by new products like artificial grass, railway sleepers and things like stone chippings all available in your local DIY store.

These 3 mentioned products also have gone a long way to creating low maintenance but still spectacular gardens that people want.

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JD Landscapes Garden with Timber Sleeper Retaining Wall with Steps Natural Stone Slabs in Grey

Having your garden landscaped not only creates a great outdoor space it will add value to your home because it is recognised as something that most homeowners look at at when buying a property.

What Types of Landscaping are There?

There are 2 types of landscaping split into hard landscaping and soft landscaping. The type of landscaping chosen will depend on many things like the size of the garden, its surrounding and most importantly the style of the garden you want.

Maybe you want a classic style, a contemporary garden or even for instance an oriental garden. Creating these types of garden impacts on whether it is hard landscaping used mostly or soft landscaping.

Hard Landscaping

Let us explain a bit more about hard landscaping.

Hard landscaping is using things like paving, decking and stone chips. Hard landscaping is the basis of contemporary and low maintenance gardens. This is because hard landscaping involves hard stone items compared to soft landscaping that involves more plants, trees and turf.
Hard landscaping has evolved to the point that it can include designing areas like BBQ’S and seating areas and can also include pergolas and even spa hot tubs.

Soft Landscaping

Soft landscaping as mentioned previously is using the natural elements in a garden. This is like using plants, trees, turfing and other natural elements.

Most of our work is hard landscaping but is often a mix of the 2.

JD Landscapes Upper & Lower Tier Garden with Oak Timber Sleepers & Artificial Grass

Why Use a Landscape Gardener?

1. Expert knowledge and experience

Garden landscaping is beyond most DIYers because it can include so many elements. Visualising the finished garden or space is a key element of landscape gardening but how many people have the experience to do this to their own gardens. A landscape gardener can design and visualise it as well as putting a budget to it.

2. Save clients lots of time

A landscape gardener will draw out the garden plans with accurate measurements. This enables the client to be able to visualise it first. Just imagine doing the work ad hoc and the
end result being not was required – what a waste time and money!

Professional landscape gardeners can do the individual work required a lot quicker compared to a DIYer because we do it day in day out.

3. Save clients money

By landscaping a complete garden in one go will save money compared to doing one bit now and another bit later and so on and so on.

Typically home owners often think of a patio first of all. This makes sense because this is most used area of a garden. Then they maybe will add a BBQ area later and then later look at smartening up the borders. Then they may think about adding a decking area. Not only will this cost more than having it done in one go there is a high chance it will not look uniform or planned.

We as a professional landscape gardener guarantee a professional finish to the hard and soft landscaping work that we do. Coupled with that you get a free garden design as part of the process and first class products is it worth risking it.

If you would like to know more about our landscape gardening services please get in contact with us, click here, or call Jimmy on 07917 744 049.

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